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Hands on, Minds engaged

Hands-on science at its best! The KitBook is the only science book on the market that contains the science kit within the book.

Textbooks and science kits have remained largely unchanged for over a century... until now. Whether at home or in the classroom, this breakthrough new format provides a fun, effective, and affordable learning adventure for any 7-13 year old.

What's the secret? Well, by combining the text with the kit we've made it easy for the teacher and fun for the student.
KitBook contents
Unlike classroom box kits that are a mess of jumbled parts, the seamless combination of the standards-based lessons and the kit ensures that your classroom sessions are managed with ease and focused on learning, not on chasing loose parts or circuits that are complete but don't work.

Your students build working electric circuits right on a page in the book, the PowerPage. And when finished, every part has its own storage place in the tray within the book so there's no mess, no fuss.

And, there are no extra parts to buy... even the battery is included.

Unlike toy electric circuits kits where fun is the only element, the KitBook was created and tested to make sure the learning experience is fun AND effective.

The KitBook is safe, durable, and re-usable. It's designed and developed by two young-at-heart engineers who wish they had something like this when they were kids.

The lesson content meets state and national science education standards. The circuit experiments are designed to capitalize on a child's natural curiosity and desire for fun. Success comes naturally and easily which leads to hours and hours of exploration and circuit building fun.

We've packed dozens of fun hands-on experiments into nine Activities:
- Simple Circuits
- Batteries and other energy sources
- Conductors
- Insulators
- Switches
- Series Circuits
- Parallel Circuits
- Electromagnetism, and more!

Our experience has shown that in today's Nintendo world, kids still have a craving for real-world hands-on fun. The KitBook satisfies that craving and our customers couldn't be happier, customers like

-   the 8 year old girl who asked her mom if she could sleep with her KitBook under her pillow;
-      the fourth grade boys who asked their teacher if they could skip recess so they could stay in and work with their KitBooks;
-      the nun and elementary school principal who called to say her students LOVED working with their KitBooks, but the best part was their test scores went WAY UP! and;
-      the boys and girls who ordered their own KitBooks to have at home after having so much fun using them in school.

Finally, we invite you to compare the KitBook against toy science kits. You'll find that even though these toys claim to build hundreds of circuits, they're building the same circuits over and over again with slightly different parts. There's little or no additional learning involved. 

You'll also find that unlike other science kits, the KitBook is printed and assembled in the USA.

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What is a KitBook?

Science Kit + Text Book = KitBook



Here's what parents and teachers are saying about the Electric Circuits KitBook:

"The KitBooks are amazing! The kids were engaged and 'plugged in' to learning in the middle of the summer. They even asked to skip their free time to use their KitBooks. The activities reinforced the concepts in the chapters better than any other lesson plan I've seen. I will be using the KitBooks over and over again for years to come. Thank you so much for an incredible learning tool!"
                 - Leona S.

"KitBooks make learning about electricity fun and rewarding."
                 - Cheree W.

"I'm a former electrician and now a 6th grade teacher and I can tell you there is nothing better than the KitBook for teaching electric circuits."
                 - Mike T.

"I just had to email you and let you know that we received our KitBook today and we love it! My sons are already into it. It is such a great design and will be so much fun to do.”
                 - Shirley C.

“This is a great product! I wish it was around earlier.”
                 - Robert T.

“Our students just loved working with their KitBooks. But the best part was their test scores... they went way up!"
                - Sister Mary Margaret

“I especially like the safety of this kit. The electric circuits KitBook is easy to use. Very user friendly!”
                 - Callie C.

“Everything needed was in the kit. I  would not have to come up with the individual components.”
                 - Karen W.

“The KitBooks absolutely made me a better teacher of basic electric circuits! The hands-on Activities brought the concepts to life for the students."
                 - Ginny D.

"Great :) "
                 - Debra A.

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Electric Circuits KitBook


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 "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."  - Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), American Statesman, Inventor, Founding Father

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